0 for 1

So I failed.

All right, you really failed. You failed, you failed, you failed. You failed, you failed, you…

I failed my 8 hour civil licensing test.
Thinking you know and actually knowing are two very different things. I think deep down I knew, which might be why I’m not upset. But knowing actually seeing the hard evidence can be overwhelming. This was the one test I was the most confident in passing. Now I get to wait until the other two scores are released before I can feel the true enormity of my failure.

There’s a diffrence between a failure and a fiasco. A failure is merely the absence of success. Any fool can achieve failure. But a fiasco, a fiasco is a disaster of epic propotions. A fiasco is a folk tale told to other’s to make other people feel more alive because it didn’t happen to them.

Quotes from Elizabethtown



My pants just busted open. Happy Monday to me.

I think my pants are try to tell me something 😦

Also ordered some very cute christmas cards from pear tree greetings. Also ordered me some gingerbread house stamps from the usps. Wife of the year right here.

We don’t do Black Friday

Went totally shopping crazy Saturday. Bought all kinds of clothes, and shoes. Some people crave the Black Friday experience but for me, it’s no longer fun, or worth while. Sure we could have saved some money waiting until next week but then you have to deal with things like parking, and waiting an hour for a dressing room, waiting in line to pay, and trying to have fun while when people are not always in the best of moods.

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Merry Christmas

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So today is clean out of the closet day. Since we’re going to Cabo for Christmas I see no reason to wrap my gifts and wait for them under the tree when I can just enjoy them now.

Happy Hunger Games

Well it’s official the hunger games was released for world viewing last night.

Sporting my hunger games pin at work today.

I’m also catching up on my reading of Catching Fire. Audio books rock, especially free from the library ones. I wasn’t too impressed with the second book, so I am not overly excited for the movie. However, this means we are now a movie closer to getting to Book 3. Cannot wait for that.

“Time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted.” – John Lennon