We don’t do Black Friday

Went totally shopping crazy Saturday. Bought all kinds of clothes, and shoes. Some people crave the Black Friday experience but for me, it’s no longer fun, or worth while. Sure we could have saved some money waiting until next week but then you have to deal with things like parking, and waiting an hour for a dressing room, waiting in line to pay, and trying to have fun while when people are not always in the best of moods.

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Merry Christmas

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So today is clean out of the closet day. Since we’re going to Cabo for Christmas I see no reason to wrap my gifts and wait for them under the tree when I can just enjoy them now.


One thought on “We don’t do Black Friday

  1. So much stuff! I like online Black Friday shopping, but I don’t dare brave the stores. Too many people. I also boycott stores that open on Thanksgiving day. I hate that people have to miss a day with their family so that people can shop. Seems dumb to me.

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